Top 10 Health Benefits Of Eating Egg Whites Daily- healthy tips canada

Eggs provide one of the highest quality proteins

of any food available. Apart from protein, eggs

are packed with 17 vitamins and minerals. They

also contain micro-nutrients like choline, lutein

and zeaxanthin.

Eggs are also versatile and can be cooked in

many ways. But, did you know that egg whites

are also beneficial for health and shouldnot be

omitted out from your regular diet? Egg whites

contain more than half of an egg’s protein.

Egg whites are good sources of riboflavin and

selenium. Also, they contain 55 mg of potassium

and 56 mg of sodium. Egg whites are also low in

calories with just 17 calories and contain

saturated fat or cholesterol.

1. Aids Healthy Pregnancy

One egg white is equal to four grams of protein.

Pregnant women who consume more egg whites

during pregnancy have more energy and hence

make you less tired. It also prevents babies from

being born prematurely and with low birth


2. Promotes Satiety

Having a whole boiled egg for breakfast keeps. your stomach full till lunch time. It is high in protein that will keep you satiated and it will result in less snacking and curb cravings for unhealthy foods.

3. Builds Muscles

Proteins are essential for building strong muscles, which can be obtained by consuming egg whites. If you are a person who workoutsregularly, then it is necessary for you to eat egg whites after a workout that will increase your muscle mass.

4. Good For Nerve And Brain Function

Egg whites contain choline, a macro-nutrient that helps in the methylation process, which is involved in DNA creation. Egg whites support nerve and brain function and also helps in detoxification.

5. It Contains Vitamins

Egg whites contain a full amount of riboflavin which is necessary for preventing certain conditions such as eye cataracts and migraine-related headaches. Egg whites also prevent heart attack, dementia and bone-related diseases.

6. No Cholesterol

Egg whites have zero cholesterol. If you are planning to lose weight include a lot of egg whites in your diet. Egg whites have been hailed as a dietary solution for problems like cholesterol, fats and calories.

7. Improves Skin Health

Eggs contain collagen in the membrane which is present outside of the egg white. So, if you want your skin to be healthy, include a lot of egg whites in your diet. It will not only prevent wrinkles but will also provide the nutrients required by the skin.

8. Reduces Fatigue

Egg whites contain many essential minerals that provide greater benefits for our bodies. If you are feeling tired and exhausted, just consume egg whites in whichever form. It can be either cooked or can be used for baking.

9. Supports Electrolyte Levels

Potassium found in egg whites provides the sufficient amount of electrolytes in the body. This aids in normal muscle function, helps prevent stroke and other heart diseases. Also, electrolytes protect the cells in the body by balancing the fluids.

10. Reduces Blood PressureIncluding egg whites in your diet daily lowersthe risk of developing ypertension. It containspeptide called RVPSL (a component of protein)that is known to reduce blood pressure andkeeps the blood pressure levels normal.

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