Stuttering and Treatment Treatment 7 Easy Measures and Home Remedies

Friends, today I will tell you the home remedies for children’s depiction and stuttering

1. Pouring the green coriander and amalatas into water and continuously removing the same water from the thin till 21 hours, the tongue becomes disturbed by the tongue. 

2. Almond kernel 7, black pepper 7, both water Make a chutney and mix it in a little sugar candy. Take empty stomach for fifteen days. Stutter and stutter is removed. 

3. In the morning butter mixed with black pepper and eat some In the same days, stuttering is removed.

4. Holding the thunder in the tongue And stutter and stutter is cured. 

5. Flavored suhagas mixed with honey, rub on the tongue Stutter is fine. 

6. Make a powder by mixing sweet sour, sweet cottage, unrefined and small peeple in equal quantity. Mixing 1 gram of powdered honey in the daily lick makes the sound clean and the stutter is removed. 

7. If the child chews a fresh green gourd a few days daily So their frustration and stutter are removed. Tongue thin And the sound starts to clear. Warmth rate of mouth it occurs.

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