Stomach gas and apra treatment(Acidity)- health tips

Friends, today I will tell you about the stomach gas

1. In the stomach condition, after making the gas in the stomach, after mixing 2 grams of oatmeal and 1/2 grams of black salt in 125 grams of monastery, the gas becomes finished after eating. 

2. Seed extracted by peeling a garlic cloth Wrapped in 4 nuggets and chewed after food. This method will get the air stopped in the stomach immediately.
3. By making a vegetable of linseed leaves, eating gas reduces the complaint.
4. Sprinkler 2 grams, salt will eat half grams, eat stomachache gas and it will be fine.
5. Eating 5 Masha hingasak powders with water, all types of Air-disorder is removed.                                      6.Grind black pepper 5 nuts and take it with cow’s urine and destroy it. 
7. Take coconut, black salt 10-10 grams, black pepper 5 grams finely filtered, take 2 grams of fresh water, the wounds will be cured.

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