Sore throat and throat cure-health tips

Friends, it is normal to sit in the winter throat because due to cold, bacteria are produced in the throat, with whom there is a problem in the throat and there is trouble in speaking, so I will tell you some easy prescriptions today-

Sore throat and throat cure-health tips. Uk,us,canada

1. Keeping the powdered almond paste in pane leaves and chewing on teeth Keep sucking, it stays with the throat, as well as throat pain. 

2. Often on the cold eat after the consumption of hot item The throat goes down. In such a way, the gram of 1 gram sq. Keep in the chewing for some time then keep it in the mouth as well. Visit. The larynx will get very clear after getting up in the morning.

3. If the throat is due to cold, cold, then at night While sleeping, 4-5 peppers chewed with monkeys Visit. This will improve the cold winter. This also opens the chanting fluid-cold throat immediately.

Sore throat and throat cure-health tips. Uk,us,canada

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