Home remedies for knee pain and joint pain- health tips

Today I will tell you about knee pain treatment. With these few home remedies, you can get rid of the pain of your knees. Usually, knee pain starts with increasing age but due to the lack of calcium, this disease has become common among young people nowadays.

1. Applying a teaspoonful of fine gram flour of fenugreek seeds, knee pain gets screwed with water. In the pain of knee caused by old age Specially useful. In addition to pain, it is very useful in lack of neural disease, infertility, drought and blood etc. 

2. Eating hungry stomach three to four nut vines. The pain of the knees keeps on going. 

3. Keep coconut kernel and eliminate knee pain. gives.

4. Pouring of pistachios and rosemary by grinding it leads to knees pain. 

5. Eating six grams of kunch seeds for fourteen days with milk, knees pain disappears. 

6. Cook the dry substitutes by mixing jaggery in two times and making pills in the form of large pea, taking 3 tablets per day with water, cures knee pain.

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