Get rid of colds- health tips us,uk, canada

Colds and colds were common in the winter, otherwise it is normal for winter because we do not pay attention to our health, which causes cough and cold, so today I will tell you the remedy for cough and cold due to cold in winter.                       


               Get rid of colds- health tips us,uk, canada


1. Alhalhti, Katha and Guman Acacia, each ten grams, decode and grind it with cloth. Make ginger juice for two to three hours and make pills equal to gram and keep sucking each bullet. It is very beneficial for cough.
2. Make 10 teaspoons of Basil leaves and eight chapatti tea made by cough, cold and fever. 

3. By drying the gooseberry peel and making powder Mix sugar candy. Eat 6 grams fresh fresh water in the morning. Old-cottage cough will be cured.
4. Alhali, Black pepper fry 10-10 gm and grind it and 30 Mix the grams in the old jaggery. Make as much tablets as peas and drink them with fresh water. Cough root will be cured.
 5. Ginger juice and honey mixed 10-10 grams equal Cough cures with lick.

Get rid of colds- health tips us,uk, canada

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Finely chop 6 grams of ginger, and grind 2 grams black pepper and add 20 grams of jaggery to the two hundred and fifty Grind water in the water. Filter by quitting fourth of water and filter it And drink it Taking two or three days will ease the problem.

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