Facial remedies

Stains of the face spoil your beauty. For this, repeated use of a doctor or cosmetic can be harmful. In such cases, home remedies are used only.

Remedies to remove acne scars-

1. Onion: The facial scars of the face, onions contain artificial immunity, which will help you to remove the stains of acne. Then use this method peacefully. Take the onions and leave the juice out of the face in the infected place and let it stay for a few minutes then wash it with ordinary water.

2 tomatoes: 
                     1. Drink a glass of tomato juice regularly, add salt, cumin seeds, black pepper. Put coconut water on your face.
 2. To erase black stains on the face, soak rum and gauze in tomato juice and apply it on the scars.

3. potato : 
                 1. Boil the potatoes, peel it and rub it on the face, the acne gets cured and its scars disappear. 
2. Apply potato juice and lemon juice in the amount of quantity by putting the face on the face, after washing after half an hour, the facial scars of the face are wiped away.

4. Aloe Vera: Place the aloe vera gel on the scar of the face. Leave it on the face for 45 minutes. After one month you will start showing the effect. 

5. Strawberry: Mash the strawberry and peeled apricot and make paste. Applying this mixture regularly to a spot on the spot of the face will soon have an effect. Be careful to wash this mixture after 15 minutes.

6. Rice and Watermelon: Prepare a mask by mixing raw rice well and mixing it with watermelon juice. Put it on the face and wash the face after fifteen minutes with normal water.

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