Stomach gas and apra treatment(Acidity)- health tips

Friends, today I will tell you about the stomach gas 1. In the stomach condition, after making the gas in the stomach, after mixing 2 grams of oatmeal and 1/2 grams of black salt in 125 grams of monastery, the gas becomes finished after eating.  2. Seed extracted by peeling a garlic cloth Wrapped in … Read more

Pathology symptoms and treatment (kidney stone)

Hi companions, today I will give you data about math.  The patient endures a considerable measure of agony in the stone, this infection is generally in the kidney. In this infection, pee in the pee, seeping in pee, trouble in urinating, kidney torment, and so forth is the side effects of this malady.  Treatment  1. … Read more

Frequent Urination Problem, tips to stop frequent urination, Urine Problem

                           Urination      1. After repeated urine, 60 grams of roasted gram Eat a little molasses. By ten days continuously Multicolor will cure. Older men Dosage should be taken. Digestion power is getting worse Use it.2. With a meal of sesame made … Read more

Benefits of eating oranges and home remedies- tips healthy

Friends, today I am telling you about the benefits of oranges 1. Old constipation – Any person should use orange medicines when there is old constipation. Mixing a little salt in the juice of orange juice in the morning will be old and will start to feel hungry. 2. Dry Disease – These people are in children. … Read more