Frequent Urination Problem, tips to stop frequent urination, Urine Problem

                           Urination      1. After repeated urine, 60 grams of roasted gram Eat a little molasses. By ten days continuously Multicolor will cure. Older men Dosage should be taken. Digestion power is getting worse Use it.2. With a meal of sesame made … Read more

Benefits of eating oranges and home remedies- tips healthy

Friends, today I am telling you about the benefits of oranges 1. Old constipation – Any person should use orange medicines when there is old constipation. Mixing a little salt in the juice of orange juice in the morning will be old and will start to feel hungry. 2. Dry Disease – These people are in children. … Read more

Hemorrhoids Symptoms and Treatment- tips healthy

Hello friends! Today I will give you information about hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are of two types – inside and outside. In the inside piles, the wart contains the inside. The rounded spices are also equal to the grain of gram-lentils. Because of the constipation, when the inner wart comes out on thrombing while inhaling, then the … Read more

7 easy home remedies for treating constipation- tips healthy

Constipation is such a disease that, due to non-recovery on time, there is a risk of piles and other problems related to stomach. There are also ulcers in the mouth. So today I will tell you some easy tips for treating constipation- 1. Egrol 2 teaspoons, add half a cup of fresh water and drink for … Read more

You will be surprised by the benefits of lemon- tips healthy

Friends, today I will give you information about lemon. Lemon is found in every home, so let’s know about lemon 1. Stomach Pain – Salt, celery, cumin seeds, sugar, consume 2-2 grams of gram and lemon juice, lemon juice, and eat stomach pain. 2. Toothache – Grinding a clove of cloves and squeezing the lemon squeezes the … Read more

Measures to control high blood pressure

High blood pressure has become a common problem today. Every fourth person in the world is killed by high blood pressure. The following measures to control this problem are:      1. Make blood powder by making Sarpagandha, Amla, Giloya, Arjun tree bark, Punnava and Ashkand equal quantity and making water powder twice a day, high … Read more