Benefits of Carrot

Friends, today I will tell you the domestic remedies about the benefits of being carrot

 If you want to appear beautiful and young for many years to come forward, then do not think anything and start cooking carrots everyday. Due to the art of defeating the ages of carrots and overcoming it with old age, it has also been given the title of a vegetable that reduces powerful old age.

1. Calculus- Take carrot seeds and seeds of turnips 20-20 grams and fry the radish from inside and roast them in hot ash. When roasting, take out the seeds and take 7 grams. With 6 grams of morning water. Eat a month and the urine will open and the stone will break out. 

2. Pain half-head – carrot leaves for half-head of pain Heat the water and put it in the nose and ears.

3. For the strength – 1 kg of carrot rubbed in the tub Bake in 4 kg milk. Pour Chinese Pound When Milk If dried then add a lentil ghee and 5 eggs and fry it Take it. Drink grams every day and drink it at the top. Eat a 60 Milk. Good thing for the masculine power. It also gives strength to the brain. 

4. For menstruation – 500 grams of carrot seeds, 500 grams Boil in the water, when the water is halfway, then a little Pour sweetened sugar for 3 to 3 days. She goesrelex in Periods

5. The heat of geysat – Carrot 100 grams 100 gms 3 lb Cook the water in the night on fire. When the carrot melts In the morning, take two silver work and eat it. The heat of the liver and Jaundice will benefit. Eat 10 days heart strength Gives.

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